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Diamond centers

There are many places you can buy and sell diamonds. For consumers, the best place to buy diamonds is at the nearby jeweler. For the diamond trade, wholesalers are located in diamond bourses and centers all over the world. Some of them are located at places where there is or was diamond polishing nearby.

In order to save time for our diamond buyers, we decided upon a number of preset diamond centers. These diamond centers give better flexibility to say where your diamond can be picked up without extra charge. So each diamond will have one physical location, and a number of optional (extra) delivery locations, which have to be in one of the defined diamond districts.

Name Location Code
Los Angeles Diamond district, Los Angeles, USA LA
Chicago Diamond district,Chicago, USA CGO
New York diamond district New York City, USA NY
London Diamond district,London, United Kingdom (Europe) LON
Antwerp Diamond district, Antwerp, Belgium (Europe) ANT
Israel Israel Diamond Exchange, Ramat Gan, Israel ISR
India Bharat Diamond Bourse, India BDB
Shangai Shangai Diamond Exchange (SDE), China SHA
Hong Kong Diamond district, Hong Kong, China HK
Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates DUB
Surat Surat, India, diamond district SUR
Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands, diamond center AMS

The diamond trade has always been a very global trade. Due to geographical and economical factors the demand for diamonds is very geo-seasonal. More diamonds are sold in certain seasons, but each part of the world has its own seasons.
Most diamonds are not sold in the vicinity of where they are mined. The polishing centers today are mostly in India and China due to the availability of a suitable local work force. This makes the diamond trade truly global and as a diamond dealer it is very important to know where to find the best merchandise for the best price at which time.
Before you import or export diamonds, make sure to update yourself about the different taxes and regulations involved.