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Diamond categories

Diamond categories are important because they help you determine the price of your diamond compared to similar quality goods.

The categories are subjective and each person has to right to create their categories. These are the categories maintained by Mazzal.net:

Cut Shape The shape the diamond is cut into is a category by itself. Don't try to compare rounds and pears, they have different prices.

Color grade Each color grade, D, E, F, G, E, H, J, K has its own category. 'In between' colors, such as E-D, or E+, or F- are neglected. Color grades as they are today are very close to each other. Lower quality colors and fancy colors are so rare that they can't be compared within there own color. For pricing you should use a base category and work from there. Fancy colored diamonds are special and rare and should be priced individually.

Clarity grade Similar to color, each clarity, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2 fits into it's own category. In between categories are ignored. Lower quality categories SI3, I1, I2, I3, are too uncommon to base any pricing on. The best category FL should be priced based on IF with a premium.

Carat weight The carat weight of a diamond is objective and measured in carats. Each carat is 200 milligrams. Often a carat is divided into 100 points, so a 0.70 carat diamond is referred to as a '70 pointer'.
At Mazzal.net, the categories we maintain are: 0.10-0.29, 0.30-0.39, 0.40-0.49, 0.50-0.74, 0.75-0.99, 1.00-1.24, 1.25-1.49, 1.50-1.74, 1.75-1.99, 2.00-2.99. Below this the goods are quite rare and should have a price lower than the lowest size. Above this the diamonds are extremely rare and it should have an exponential premium the larger the diamond.

Premium factors

Within each category there are many other factors that can add value to a diamond.

Cut, Polish & Symmetry Not all diamonds look the same, because some are cut better than others. Often excellent cut diamonds come at a premium price, slightly higher than the average. Don't forget that the cut grade is directly related to polish and symmetry, so don't add a premium twice.

Rarity The general concept is: the better quality the higher the price. Rarity also contributes to a higher price, but for high quality goods only. Very large diamonds are very rare, and so are outstanding fancy colored diamonds. Consider yourself very lucky if you can get your hands on such a rare jewel of nature and man.

Diamonds with a story Some diamonds have an interesting story attached to their lifetime. Often famous people held such a diamond, or history put its mark on its holders or surroundings. Make sure to ask the seller about this, since this can add quite a bit of added value.