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Botswana’s diamond sector being outgrown

Posted by: Editor
Date: 6/14/2017

Botswana is the jewel of Africa. It has a stable economy, stable socially and the most magnificent nature. 

Mining diamonds has been Botswana's dream to speed up growth. But their mining adventure had to deal with a volatile diamond market. Whilst in the beginning years around 2000 the diamond markets were stable and lucrative, The global diamond market crisis started in 2014 and brought down the prices of diamonds. 

Today, with the diamond markets recovering, it becomes clear that Botswana's population is outgrowing its growth of the diamond mining sector. Whilst government programs have been trying to increase the capacity and number of people employed, this never made the impact they hoped for. Polishing in Botswana was done less efficiently, making it more expensive than abroad. 

Diamonds will continue to be an important part of Botswana's economy, but not a vital part as we expected 20 years ago. Fortunately, they have many more other resources to make up for this. 


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