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I like the shape of you

Posted by: Editor
Date: 4/30/2017

Diamonds come in many shapes, but what is the significance of these different cuts? It is mere taste, or is there more to it? Is there a deeper meaning or feeling we are trying to express? Do you choose a diamond that suits your personality, or is it your personality that chooses the diamond?

Round diamonds: This is the classic cut, and it is really timeless, you can't go wrong with the beautiful sparkle of a round cut diamond.

Princess cut is very popular and radiates both modernism and self-confidence in trying new things. 

Heart shape: Of course a heart symbolises by itself, and the diamond just makes that eternal and strong: Love and innocence

Marquise cut: this will make your finger look leaner, excellent for ambitious and innovative personalities. 

Pear cut: this will radiate elegance and adventure. 

Oval cut: this will make your finger look longer, and has the elegance and timelessness of a round cut diamond. This goes well for creative and bold personalities.

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