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Walking around with a 26 carat diamond thinking it was fake
That is a dream come real

by Editor - posted 5/23/2017 in Industry, The Dark Side
De Beers Ventures into Diamond Grading and Polished Diamonds Sales

by Editor - posted 5/21/2017 in Industry, Mining
Jacky Collins' Diamond Ring Sold for $170.000, 70% above estimate

by Editor - posted 5/21/2017 in Industry, Fashion, Economics
Unmatched earrings to reach unmatched price

by Editor - posted 5/17/2017 in Industry, Fashion
Jennifer Lopez outshines her 4.60 carat diamond ring

by Editor - posted 5/16/2017 in Industry, Fashion
Get ready for the JCK - part 1

by Editor - posted 5/16/2017 in Industry
Diamonds markets slightly weakening, the tipping point before up or down?

by Editor - posted 5/12/2017 in Industry, Economics
GIA discovers first hybrid natural-synthetic blue diamond

by Leo Muller - posted 5/7/2017 in Industry, Mining, The Dark Side
De Beers: Millenials are buying more diamonds than ever before

by Leo Muller - posted 5/3/2017 in Industry, Mining, Economics
I like the shape of you

by Editor - posted 4/30/2017 in Fashion
Open your sports car with style

by Leo Muller - posted 4/30/2017 in Fashion
Now, that is what we call a bonus!

by Leo Muller - posted 4/23/2017 in Industry
Diamond Markets This Week

by Editor - posted 4/23/2017 in Industry, Economics
Retail challenges for the USA middle class

by Leo Muller - posted 4/20/2017 in Industry, Economics
Synthetic gem quality diamond production reaches 4.2 million carats annually.

by Editor - posted 4/18/2017 in Industry
Alrosa diamond sales up 1% in March
Positive market sentiments

by Leo Muller - posted 4/18/2017 in Industry, Mining
Happy Passover

by Leo Muller - posted 4/13/2017 in Industry, Site News
Belgium banks taking tough stand on their diamantaires

by Leo Muller - posted 4/9/2017 in Industry, Economics
The 709 carat Momoh Diamond

by Leo Muller - posted 4/2/2017 in Industry, Mining, Economics
Dominion & the game of domination of diamond mining

by Leo Muller - posted 3/30/2017 in Industry, Mining