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The Momoh or "Peace" diamond - the Story of 2017

by Editor - posted 1/4/2018 in Industry, Mining, Economics
CNN: Why we value gemstones

by Editor - posted 10/8/2017 in Industry, Fashion
Diamond Jewelry Gains Popularity Through Music That Is Appreciated By Our Next Generation

by Editor - posted 9/13/2017 in Industry, Fashion
Russia wants to take a bite out of India's polishing industry

by Editor - posted 9/12/2017 in Industry, Mining, Economics
Lower sales creates stockpile of diamonds in India

by Editor - posted 9/6/2017 in Industry, Economics
Indian Commodity Exchange launches diamond-futures trading

by Editor - posted 9/5/2017 in Industry, Economics
Game changer in diamond dealer markets - Mazzal opens service without charge
"We don’t want to be more of the same, we want to be different"

by Editor - posted 8/24/2017 in Industry, Site News
Buy yourself world's second largest diamond

by Editor - posted 8/11/2017 in Industry
When production exceeds demand

by Editor - posted 8/10/2017 in Industry, Economics
We have seen yellow, blue and pink, but now there is a exceptional rare red diamond going to auction

by Editor - posted 7/30/2017 in Industry, Site News
Diamond Sales Slowed Down - Prognosis Ahead

by Editor - posted 7/13/2017 in Industry, Economics
Thieves posing as customer switch diamond ring for fake

by Editor - posted 7/4/2017 in Industry, The Dark Side
For Star Wars Fans - Diamond Studded Yoda Pendant up for Auction

by Editor - posted 6/25/2017 in Other, Fashion
Floating Diamond Mine

by Editor - posted 6/19/2017 in Industry, Mining
Are Diamonds Really Forever?
Yes, they are!

by C. Claiborne Ray - posted 6/15/2017 in Industry, Mining
Botswana’s diamond sector being outgrown

by Editor - posted 6/14/2017 in Industry, Mining
Two Huge Diamonds Found in Lesotho Mine

by Editor - posted 6/13/2017 in Industry, Mining
JCK Shows Enormity of Jewelry Industry

by Editor - posted 6/12/2017 in Industry, Site News, Fashion
Christie's Geneve Luxury Sales sells over $113 million in auction
The finest wines, jewels and watches

by Editor - posted 5/28/2017 in Industry, Fashion, Economics
Dominion looking to expand downwards

by Editor - posted 5/28/2017 in Industry, Mining