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In-shop Search

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Our In-shop search makes it easier than ever to use Mazzal.net from within your shop. You can create your own search engine which you can use from within your shop to look together with your customer for diamonds on our network.

How does it work? Quite simple. In the "in-shop-search" setup section in your account you can choose which diamonds you want to sell from within your shop, based on location, quality and suppliers . You can also set a markup value based on price or carat size (both fixed and/or percentage).

Your in-shop-search will now only have the diamonds that match your preference, with the retail price all ready.

In-shop search is a special search form for you, customized with your logo, filled with your presets, but showing all available diamonds from all stock. It will be easier to search together with your own customers while enjoying the benefits of the massive amount of stock listings.