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Get more exposure and build your brand with advertising!
We offer advertising space for sale. The size of your banner can be 728 x 90 pixels.
We place a total number of up to 8 banners into rotation. The same banner appears on all the pages of our website. The price is $150 per week, from Tuesday to Monday. Good discounts are available for the pre-official-launch period.

For orders and inquiries, please contact us at advertising@mazzal.net

Promotional pages

Another advertising option is to publish your promotional page on our site. The advantage is that you can add a lot of information, for example graphics and video. You can also use this to create back-links to your own website, which will in return increase your SEO rating.
You can also combine this with a banner to generate more traffic. The page will be open to the public, not only for members, allowing you to reach a wider audience.
Pricing is $99 for the initial setup and US$5.- per month after that.