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We went back to the drawing board...

We had big plans, but they didn't pan out the way we thought they would. That is why we went back to the drawing board and are changed directions.

Instead of running our own platform I found out that there is much more to gain by providing technical services to other innovative platforms for the diamond industry. I want to give those projects my dedicated efforts, and I can't do that together with keeping inventories up to date on this site at the same time. Without up to date information this site will become obsolete, hence the need of change of direction.

We want to thank you for your support, to the many people that uploaded their diamond inventory every day to our website. For the people that used our service to find the right diamond for their client.

We have great expectations of the coming improvements in the diamond industry, from production to consumer and we will be there, just not here.

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A big thank you
To those who supported us